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Frequently asked questions

Can we apply online?
Yes - please use this link to apply online: Online Application Form. You don’t have to complete it all in one go. Take your time and save your unfinished application and return to it as many times as you like before you submit it. If you are returning to continue the process, please do so by clicking this link: Continue Application Process. You will need to enter your registered email address and password to access it.
When should I apply for funding?
We welcome applications throughout the year.
When is the next closing date?
The next closing date can be found on the How to apply for a grant page on this website.
Do you fund core costs?
Yes we do. This includes salary costs and multiple year funding.
Do you fund capital costs?
Yes we do. If applications relate to buildings then we want to see details relating to ownership of building and any relevant planning permissions.
Do you fund whole projects or capital developments?
This would be unusual for us. The Trust will make a contribution. We will consider an award of an initial grant which may provide leverage to access larger funds from other sources. We also provide ‘shortfall funding’ where larger grants have been obtained but there is a shortfall for particular elements of the project.
What is the average grant size?
Our grants range from £400 to £300,000. Sometimes the Trust makes grants for running costs over 3 years. It is unusual for the Trust to make grants in excess of £30,000. Examples of typical grants would be - £1000 towards a trip / event, £5,000 towards upgrading a community hall, or £10,000 towards core running costs of an organisation.
Does the Trust have an application form?
Yes - we have an online application. It is helpful to us if you would use this. For anyone that can’t we will still accept applications by letter or by email.
What if our organisation is not a registered charity, can we still apply?
Yes. We welcome applications to support charitable activity. We can fund registered charities, constituted community groups and social enterprises. When considering a social enterprise, the Trust will expect to see a minimum of 3 Directors, the majority of whom are not related to each other and are not paid. We will also expect to see evidence of a viable business plan. If your organisation does not fall into one these categories then it is probably best to telephone us to discuss whether you are eligible to make an application.
What happens after we send in our application to the Trust?
Your application will be acknowledged. If your organisation or project does not meet our criteria we will write to you explaining the reasons why your application has been rejected. If your application is eligible we may contact you to request more information, to arrange a visit, or to ask for an update. Applications above £10,000 will almost certainly receive a visit. We will then appraises your application to ensure that the Trustees have the relevant information to make an informed decision on your request for funds. A summary of the project is then produced and will be presented to the Trustees at their next meeting. If you are requesting funding under £1,000 your application will be presented to a Trustee usually within 6 weeks of receiving all the information we need.
What happens after the Trustee Meeting and how long will it take?
We will contact you within 2 weeks following the meeting to advise whether your application has been successful or not.  If you are successful, payment will be made together with a returnable receipt. If your application is unsuccessful we will email you.
What happens after we receive the Trust’s grant?
Upon receiving a grant payment, please complete and return to the Trust an acknowledgement receipt.  You may be contacted by an assessor from the Trust to arrange a post grant visit.
What is the feedback form for?
We will prompt you to complete a feedback form. usually around 6 months after you receive a grant from us. We like to know how the grant has helped your organisation, if you have achieved what you set out to do, and whether the funding made a difference.
Why was my application not successful?
• The application fell outside the Trust’s criteria and/or area of benefit
• The application was not submitted in accordance with the Trust’s guidelines
• Requested supporting documentation and/or further information not received
• Similar organisations or projects were considered which had higher priority
• The Trust had insufficient funds to meet all the requests received.
Can we re-apply for funds?
Yes: Unsuccessful applicants must wait 12 months before re-applying. Successful applicants must wait at least 24 months before re-applying.
Can we use the Sir James Knott logo?
With the Trust’s permission the logo is available for use by grant recipients. Please contact the Trust and we will happily send the logo by email.

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